Business & IT Integration

Sword is a specialised Software and IT services company organised into competence centres. The company provides its clients with high added-value advisory and integration services.

With its Information Systems oriented approach that integrates high-performing project management methodologies, Sword tailors its know-how to provide innovative solutions that meet the strategic challenges of its clients and the adaptation demands of their information systems.

To reach this target, Sword has developed an industrialised production model organised around specialised service centres that guarantee to customers the provision of proximity services, high-added value know-how, high production capacity and optimised economic approaches.

Sword achieves over 80% of its revenue using a fixed-price system (obligation to achieve a result). Within the scope of our fixed-price activities, the offshore component complements our specialised IT services offering. Sword’s French and English speaking business units rely on two service centres located in India and Lebanon. The two service centres work in close cooperation with Sword’s front-office teams in order to offer our clients a global commitment to quality and competitiveness.
Sword’s quality processes have been adapted to the offshore component and have been evaluated at level 5 of the SEI CMMI.